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2017 Speaking Topics:

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Each year Gary Shapiro (CEO of CTA) selects 11 books that he believes will make the largest impact on business in the coming year and this year Digital Sense by Chris J Snook and Travis Wright made the cut and this is the in-depth interview live from the show floor Grand Lobby Stage at #CES2018.


1) The C-Suite's Cheat sheet to optimal customer experience

The lines between “marketing” and the “experience” blur more and more every day, requiring more than just the organization's marketers to focus their attention squarely on CX. In this session, Chris J. Snook, the bestselling author of Digital Sense will show you how to use an Experience Marketing Framework to effectively engineer a 360 degree strategic plan that delivers measurable ROI and aligns the silos around customer as the #1 asset. In the Digital Age, achieving sustainable growth hinges on delivering amazing customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to link marketing, technology and the customer experience in a single, cohesive strategy. 
  • What an Experience Marketing Framework looks like and how to build powerfully strategic conversations with every team member in your organization.
  • How to align the digital transformation of your institution with the increasing demands of today’s consumers
  • How to integrate “design thinking” into your CX strategy
  • How working from one common picture is critical to team success.

2) How to Reboot Your Retail Operation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Digital Sense

Friction is pain. Time is the asset. Experience, trust, and attention are the currencies that giveth and taketh marketshare away. With these disruptive new dynamics facing all retailers (small to large) you need a framework and plan that allows you to optimize reliability around the current customer experience, while enabling seamless and consistent new innovation across your customer journey. In this talk you will learn:

  •  How to identify the pain points of your customer rapidly
  •  How to prioritize and calibrate your strategy, vision and budgets to scope
  • How to align all silos around your customer experience as the metric that matters most
  • How to control brand equity and MAP inside the necessary evil (marketplace) channels like Amazon, Jet, etc.

3) The Opportunity Age And Regenerative Capitalism

The Information Age has officially been buried in the annals of human history and we have entered The Opportunity Age (predicted to last until and through 2025) and the impacts of this fundamental shift are creating turbulent and opportunistic times for legacy infrastructures, business models and capitalism as we have known it.  The infinite growth at-all-costs extraction model of the last 30 years has brought our global economy to a precipice of unprecedented risk, wealth disparity and simultaneous opportunity.  The Opportunity Age is impacting the way startups, growth stage, and mature businesses address everything from their distribution and hiring models, and will require a complete re-training of the psychology and skill set of the workforce as the working middle class continues to evaporate and is replaced by a micro-entrepreneurial middle class.  Prepare your organization, business model, team, and policy plans for the future with this enlightening, entertaining, and prescriptive talk that will help you put your customer in the center of your business strategy and decision making for sustainable growth. 

4) Custom KEYNOTE/PANEL/WORKSHOP based upon my Proprietary Experience Marketing Framework 

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