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The C-Suite’s Cheat Sheet to Optimizing Customer Experience

The steps in any successful journey begin with getting clear on where you are starting from, knowing where you want to go, getting clear on what you need to do to prepare for the trip, identifying your options for getting there, and acquiring a reliable map/framework to plan and execute.

Final Digital Sense Book Cover Sneak Peak

It looks like we've arrived at our final book cover destination. Thanks to everyone who has left feedback on the previous book covers. Your feedback was crucial in how we viewed the cover. This is the result of the collective. So, thank you!

#FBOMBS - Failure is Valuable Material

This gritty speech happened in a basement of a building FEMA was moving into after the Colorado Floods in 2013 during @DENSTARTUPWEEK to a room of a few dozen Entrepreneurs in the Founder Institute (@founding) accelerator. I have never been as openly authentic in how I explained these life events. 

The Future of Thinking and Learning As Needed

Henry Ford was once ridiculed for not “knowing” a lot of data, and technical answers related to his automobiles, or historical trivia when asked and said something back to the effect of “I don’t fill my brain with useless trivia because I know exactly WHO(the expert) to call

R.I.P. Information Age...Welcome to The Opportunity Age!

R.I.P. Information Age 1989-2013. By 2014 data from Morgan Stanley Research shows that mobile web users will finally surpass desktop/laptop web users and the implications are the end of monopolies for our attention, the ubiquity of engagement and the end of marketing and advertiser disruption. We officially evolve from the Information Age into what I am calling The Opportunity Age!

Clear Distinctions: Mentor v. Board Advisor v. Board Director

Last night gave yet another chance to refine my approach to working with young and passionate entrepreneurs. I had an unfortunate and preventable misunderstanding with a young founder with a great idea whom I began a relationship with as a mentor/mentee close to 12 months ago.