The Information Age has officially been buried in the annals of human history and we have entered what I called the The Opportunity Age (back in 2013) predicted to last until and through 2035.

The Opportunity Age is impacting policy makers, trade alliances, economic development, capital formation and re-investment and the very way economic ecosystems must be designed. It is also impacting the way startups, growth stage, and mature businesses address everything from their distribution and hiring models. It will require a complete re-training of the psychology and skill set of the workforce as the working middle class continues to evaporate and is replaced by a micro-entrepreneurial middle class.

We are in the middle of a major shift to a fully “Tokenomic” global economy where bits are arbitraged with atoms and data exhaust is the new raw material we must harness. The impacts of this fundamental shift are creating turbulent and opportunistic times for legacy infrastructures, business models and capitalism as we have known it.  Putting your customer in the center of your business is a paramount initiative to your future survival. Securing that customer experience across the enterprise and leveraging blockchain and other emerging technologies to externalize your IT costs, decrease vulnerabilities, and reinvest the savings in new profit centers will require a rethink of your very business model. The infinite growth at-all-costs extraction model of the last 30 years has brought our global economy to a precipice of unprecedented risk, wealth disparity and simultaneous opportunity. 

Prepare your organization, business model, team, and policy plans for the future with this enlightening, entertaining, and prescriptive talk that will help you put your customer in the center of your business strategy and decision making for sustainable growth.

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