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2017 Speaking Topics:

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1) The C-Suite's Cheat sheet to optimal customer experience

The lines between “marketing” and the “experience” blur more and more every day, requiring financial marketers to focus their attention squarely on CX. In this session, Chris J. Snook, the best-selling author of Digital Sense will show you how to use an Experience Marketing Framework to effectively engineer a 360 degree marketing plan that delivers measurable ROI. In the Digital Age, achieving amazing marketing results hinges on delivering amazing customer experiences.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to link marketing, technology and the customer experience in a single, cohesive strategy
  • What an Experience Marketing Framework looks like and how to build one
  • How to align the digital transformation of your institution with the increasing demands of today’s consumers
  • How to integrate “design thinking” into your CX strategy
  • Marketing strategies and technologies that optimize the customer experience

2) How to Reboot Your Retail Operation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Digital Sense

Friction is pain. Time is the asset. Experience, trust, and attention are the currencies that giveth and taketh marketshare away. With these disruptive new dynamics facing all retailers (small to large) you need a framework and plan that allows you to optimize reliability around the current customer experience, while enabling seamless and consistent new innovation across your customer journey. In this talk you will learn:

  •  How to identify the pain points of your customer rapidly
  •  How to prioritize and calibrate your strategy, vision and budgets to scope
  • How to align all silos around your customer experience as the metric that matters most
  • How to control brand equity and MAP inside the necessary evil (marketplace) channels like Amazon, Jet, etc.

3) The Opportunity Age And Regenerative Capitalism

The Information Age has officially been buried in the annals of human history and we have entered The Opportunity Age (predicted to last until and through 2025) and the impacts of this fundamental shift are creating turbulent and opportunistic times for legacy infrastructures, business models and capitalism as we have known it.  The infinite growth at-all-costs extraction model of the last 30 years has brought our global economy to a precipice of unprecedented risk, wealth disparity and simultaneous opportunity.  The Opportunity Age is impacting the way startups, growth stage, and mature businesses address everything from their distribution and hiring models, and will require a complete re-training of the psychology and skill set of the workforce as the working middle class continues to evaporate and is replaced by a micro-entrepreneurial middle class.  Prepare your organization, business model, team, and policy plans for the future with this enlightening, entertaining, and prescriptive talk

4) Sell By Law And Not By Luck

Sales team performance starts with aligning the training, development, and sales process rationalization with universal law.  Strategy, tools, and tactics create efficiencies in your sales team and process, but compensation and growth are governed by certain irrefutable "law" based variables that like the law of gravity do not discriminate or even require an awareness or agreement with in order to operate.  In this inspiring, informative, action-packed and results shifting talk/workshop Chris will download a deep understanding of the Universal Laws that govern sales performance as well as provide the tactical processes and nuances of skill development to insure maximum efficiency in the recruitment, development, and performance of your sales team.  These principals have been proven in countless ventures across consumer products, to enterprise technology and financial services and were the same systems and applications Chris and his wife used personally to develop a sales organization from 0-10,000 sales reps producing over $1m per month is sales in as few as 18 months on 4 continents from a dead start.  If you need to move the needle and amplify the performance of your current rainmakers while creating leverage and duplication of those results across the bottom 80% of your sales team then this is the one talk you can't afford to skip.

5) Lessons From The Edge-3.5 ($million) Mistakes to Avoid in Early Stage Ventures

Entrepreneurship is an elite collision/extreme sport that will test the limits of the toughest and most well-conditioned participant as well as reap some of the most adrenaline-inducing highlights of one's life. In this hilarious and completely transparent dialogue Chris will share the personal lessons and pain and mistakes to avoid from his own serial entrepreneurial journey as well simple steps to mitigate the risk of repeating some of the same errors in your early stage venture.  From co-founder lawsuits and trysts and entity selection errors and personal bankruptcy filings you will hear first hand how you can avoid losing a good percentage of the millions you are destined to earn from the personal stories of an incredible resilient (or stubbornly persistent) serial founder.

6) Pitching Is A Science BUT Closing Is An A.R.T. F.O.R.M

In one of the most requested and skill building-centric talks in Chris' repertoire you will be exposed to the systematic science and artful framework he has cobbled together from the minds of several masters and mentors into a seductive system for optimizing your ability to influence, entice, and attract capital, customers, co-founders, and key constituents to your vision at favorable terms while making the target feel as though the entire interaction was their idea.  Learn how to properly approach (or be approached), build rapport in every interaction, gain control by giving it away, and much, much, more.  95% of people can gather interest but 5% can close and when you complete this experience you will be well on your way to mastery at the complete equation and unprecedented new efficiencies and effectiveness.

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