R.I.P. Information Age...Welcome to The Opportunity Age!

R.I.P. Information Age 1989-2013. By 2014 data from Morgan Stanley Research shows that mobile web users will finally surpass desktop/laptop web users and the implications are the end of monopolies for our attention, the ubiquity of engagement and the end of marketing and advertiser disruption. We officially evolve from the Information Age into what I am calling The Opportunity Age!

The research has been ongoing for my thesis that we have entered The Opportunity Age, and I am fascinated and curious at the implications of a world with 3 Billion new ProSumerDucerTributors as smart phone proliferation lights up the bottom half of the pyramid and we all become individual centers of simultaneous creation, consumption and distribution. Here are some dead paradigms and a rough guess at their replacements. More to come as my personal research, discovery, and thesis continues to form. Comments, additions, insights and collaboration welcomed. As the current Epoch spins ever tighter the duration of The Opportunity Age will be shorter, and as of now based on timelines from the 4th Turning I roughly guess it ends into a (yet to be named) new age around the year 2020. By the way I would suggest you follow Gerd Leonhard and Rebecca Costa and Neil Howe for more help in forming your own thesis in this regard.

Now for the tease...Below are my list of a sampling of my 31.5 DEAD (R.I.P.) Paradigms/Norms from the Information Age and their Opportunity Age Replacements: Join my newsletter for updates on when you can purchase The Opportunity Age Ebook in late 2015 to get em all and the surrounding commentary!