The Future of Thinking and Learning As Needed

Henry Ford was once ridiculed for not “knowing” a lot of data, and technical answers related to his automobiles, or historical trivia when asked and said something back to the effect of “I don’t fill my brain with useless trivia because I know exactly WHO(the expert) to call to get those answers when I need them and it allows me to free my mind for “thinking” which is actually the hardest work a man(woman) can do.”

Ford was a visionary at his time, but his methodology of ‘access’ to knowledge as needed was a prelude to the world we are all moving into with unprecedented speed if we plan to find any sort of efficiency and simplicity on the far side of the exponential complexity (Listen to The Costa Report podcasts and Read Rebecca Costa’s The Watchman’s Rattle) we have manufactured.  The future belongs to the LEARNER NOT the LEARNED and it will only work efficiently if you and I can access the leveraged and collective intelligence we desire in real time, on the go (mobile) to solve problems or answer questions as we need them.  The role of the curator and trusted source and therefore the inherent value and net worth of those who earn that distinction in our lives at scale will increase in paramount importance and simultaneously in the short run (3-5 years) be as equitable and up-for-grabs as it has ever been.  Macro trends and a Guide to the Future from one my trusted and virtual friends and curators Gerd Leonhard will be a good starting point for those who wish to do the hard work of ‘thinking’ that Ford spoke of as it relates to how these shifts will impact opportunity and risk in your business!  Exciting times and uncertain times for sure!  One last long form recommendation for those up for the challenge is to study and consume the content in Neil Howe and William Strauss’ groundbreaking work in “The Fourth Turning“.  ~CJS